Best Kodi Repositories of all times {fully tested and working}

The Best Kodi repositories are the ones that not only includes a huge database of channels, but also the ones that can have large popularity among the Kodi users. Kodi is the future of television and it is here to stay.

Now let us see the list of best working Kodi Repositories.

  1. Simply Caz Repo
  2. Merlin Repo
  3. Zomboided Repo
  4. Perflix TV Repo
  5. Bubbles Repo
  6. Incursion Repo
  7. Supremacy Repo
  8. Cyphers Locker Repo
  9. Kodil Repo
  10. Zero Tolerance Repo

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Simply Caz Repo

At the time of launching month, the Simply Caz Repo has taken the whole Kodi world with a storm. The main reason of Simply Caz Repo has become the best Kodi repository is due to its huge collection of big channels that have been widely used by the Kodi users. For example, you can find the Exodus, Castaway, Sports Devil, and other best add-ons in the Simply Caz Repository.

Merlin Repo

The Merlin Repository is a popular and famous for its huge sports collection, live TV, and music channels. It is a very useful Kodi repository but not as entertaining as others. Anyhow, it does compensate its users with a music channels that has a huge following among the Kodi users. It can also provide the maintenance tools for your Kodi box to fasten its streaming.

Zomboided Repo

The Zomboided Repository has been recently added to the new Kodi repository that has a single, yet another useful channel that is worth installing this repository.

Perflix TV Repo

The Perflix TV is also the brand new Kodi repository that contains only video channels. The perflix TV repository doesn’t show anything as a live, but it surely entertain its users with some best videos around the world available from the boxing arena, paranormal activities, comedy circuits, and YouTube.

Bubbles Repo

The Bubbles Repository is also one of the brand new Kodi repository in town that has the potential to replace the Exodus. It streams the TV shows and movies alongside provides a small list of program channels for Kodi software and boxes.

Incursion Repo

An Incursion Repository has been working very well recently that enables the popular Exodus and Covenant fork that has been gone by the same, Incursion.

Supremacy Repo

The Supremacy Repository is also one of the best working Kodi repositories that enable the popular addons such as Supremacy, Atriox, Lion’s Den, and much more.

Cyphers Locker Repo

The Cyphers Locker is yet another best working Kodi repository that enables the popular and very famous third-party addons such as Rebirth 2017 and lots more.

Kodil Repo

The Kodil is a unique repository that is made up of hundreds of other repos and features more than 1000 addons. It is a very popular and famous repository on Kodi that are very familiar with the Kodi users.

Zero Tolerance Repo

The Zero Tolerance Repository is yet another working Kodi repository that enables the popular third-party addons such as Iron Man and much more.



The top best working Kodi repositories list are available in this article. You can go through this article to know the best Kodi repositories. Hope this article helps you to find the best. If you have any queries, Kindly do let us know via the comments box.