kodi on ps4

The best way to stream Kodi on PS4

If you ever had this thought of streaming movies and TV shows on PlayStation? If yes, then welcome to the 10% group. Only very few of them think this way. And eventually, even fewer people find a way to make this happen. This very thought is a seed. I am so happy that you got the same seed in you as I do. I too had the same question in mind before few months. I searched every possible site and forum, no hope. Everywhere the answer is a big NO! But after days I tried a lot of method and lots of articles. And once strange thing struck me! And here is a direct method to use kodi on PS4.

Well, let’s get technical, PS4 is a gaming console. kodi is a software. For better understanding, you can consider console as a device and kodi as a software. Or you can also consider it as a laptop and software. To install other software on the laptop, you need the help of an application software called an operating system. On PS4 this application software is missing. So only you cant any other application on it. To be more precise, you need to install any operating system on PS4 to install kodi on it.

Steps to install Kodi on PS4

There is a lot of OS available out there, but you cant install all OS on PS4. You can install ubuntu os on PS4. The steps are bit complicated, so install it by referring to any tutorial. After installing ubuntu Os, install Kodi on it. After installing kodi, install any of the top addons. There are a lot of addons available out there. We will share some of the best addons to stream any content on the kodi.

Best addons for Kodi on PS4

There are lots of addons available out there. But considering the best addon for PS4, it has great graphics and processing power. But unfortunately, you can’t utilize it. Since kodi does not support PS4 officially, it doesn’t have a proper driver to utilize the full power of PS4. So the performance of the kodi is moderate. There are few addons which are working great in PS4. These are my personal favorite addons.

Neptune Rising

It is been my most favorite addon since its arrival. The contents of these addons are amazing. You can stream movies, TV shows of various variety. It has a large collection of TV shows and movies, they are again classified based on the language, year, genre and lot more. It has a special section called critics corner, it has all the best of best contents. This is my personal favorite.

There are lots of addons available out there, but I mostly use Neptune Rising and Exodus. You can also install other addons. But make sure to take a backup with indigo kodi addon, before trying something new. If you are facing any issue, comment below.