moves against ice type pokemon

Best Moves Against Ice Type Pokemon

Understanding the Pokemon type and their attacks is an essential part to become the best Pokemon trainer. In Pokemon go, you can find different pokemon types that have their own attacks and defense against its opponents.

They strongly influence their effectiveness of attacks and defense in the battleground. Though there are many different pokemon types, here we’ll help you to win the ice-type pokemon. To know more about ice type, refer the Pokemon ice type weakness chart.

While battling, you can tell if an attack is either super effective or not effective. However, the best part to beat ice-type Pokemon is, know its strength and weakness of ice-type pokemon. 

What Is Ice-type Pokemon

Ice-type Pokemon is one of the best Pokemon types in Pokemon go. Ice-type Pokemons are immune to the damage of hail weather. As the ice type pokemons are cool, they cannot be frozen by the hail weather. Also, Sheer cold is immune to ice-type pokemon. So, you cannot defeat the ice-type with these moves.

Furthermore, ice-type can be paired well with the other common attacking types like Ground can be used to deal with neutral damage. The Fire-type and Steel-type will be resistant to the ice when it covers the Flying and Grass-type. If the ice-type is tied with the normal as a resistant type, then it acts as an immune to freeze, Sheer cold, and hail damage.

Moves of Ice-type Pokemon

Aurora Beam – It is a special category that targets an object and hits it with a rainbow-colored beam. Also, it may lower the attack stats.

Aurora Veil – This move will reduce the damage from special moves and only can be used in a hail storm.

Blizzard – in this move, a howling blizzard is summoned to hit the opponent. This may freeze the opponent and defeat in the battle.

Avalanche – The power of this move is doubled if the user has been hit by the target.

Abilities of ice-type

A pokemon with the Protean, Color Change, Imposter, Forecast, Multitype are ice-type Pokemon that are being hit with an ice-type move.

Strength of Ice-type Pokemon

Ice type Pokemons are super effective against: Ground, Grass, Flying, and Dragon type.

Weakness of Ice-type Pokemon 

Ice type Pokemons are not very effective against: Water, Fire, Ice, and Steel type.

Bottom lines

By knowing the strength and weakness of Pokemon types, you can make your moves against the other types. With the help of this ice-type strength and weakness, you can make your moves against them and win your battle.