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Best way to watch live TV on Kodi

It has been a while since we shared a stuff about kodi. I had been using kodi for more than a year now. I am in love with this software and community. You can stream any of the online content with some basic internet knowledge.  I also started doing my own research on kodi. And I found some interesting tricks. Today I am going to share a few of those tricks. All these tricks are related to Watch live TV on Kodi. You can choose your favorite method.

Best way to watch live TV on Kodi

There are lots of ways to watch Live TV on Kodi. Here in this article, I am going to share 2 methods. You can choose any of the methods to watch live Tv on Kodi. Both of these methods work on a completely different concept. So you can also follow both the methods.

Best Live TV addons

Addons are the best way to stream any of the content. Feel like watching live Tv? install any of the live Tv addons and start streaming the content. Feel like watching anime? Install an anime addon and start watching it. Kodi is as simple as it. There are lots of IPTV addons available out there. You can find the latest working kodi live tv addons here. In this list, I will share only the addon that worked for me. I don’t know its the best or not. But it worked for me and I am used for at least 3 months. Only these type of addons in the list.


Its one of my most favorite live TV addons. It is available in Skydarks Repository. You can install the Skydarks repo from this URL After installing the repository make sure to install the Chronos from video addons list. chronos is capable of streaming live TV channels (only a few), sports and music. It is also a regional addon for Austria. The content was good. Make sure to check out these addons.


This is an exclusive addon for USA and UK people because it can stream most of the UK and US channels. It also has a special section for live sports. And a section for the sports world. Under this section, you can find sports replies and other famous matches. The live sports section has most of the ongoing live streams. This addon is available in bliss repository. You can download this from GitHub. Not only this addon, if any of your favorite addons are not working, but you can also download it files from GitHub. It is the hosting region for most of the developers.

These are my favorite addons to watch Live TV on kodi. Hope this is new to you. If you are facing any issue, do comment below. I will do my best to solve your issue.